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Home Improvement Resources offers repair and replacement of all types of windows. Rotted wood window components are replaced with new PVC components. Fogged window sashes can be replaced with clear insulated glass or more efficient Low-E units. In addition, our in-house millwork department can duplicate almost any window.

sashSash Replacement

Replacing single pane, drafty window sashes with new insulated sashes are not only energy efficient, but also a great way to add curb appeal to your home. With sash replacement available in numerous options like wood, aluminum clad or PVC, with or without grills, sash replacement is any easy and economical way to add value to your home. Insulated glass and jamb liners stop air infiltration and noise. PVC sashes can be painted or may be left in their original white color with a 10-year warranty on the finish and casement25-year warranty on degradation. Using your existing frames avoids removing interior moldings or disturbing exterior siding.

Double hung windows are by far the most popular in today's housing market. With various styles and designs to choose from make this type of window appealing to the majority of homeowners today. Options available such as LoE insulated glass and Argon gas filled glass make energy efficiency an integral part of every window.  With energy costs rising every dastationary windowy, these options prove more valuable to homeowners and home buyers. Most double hung windows tilt in for ease and safety of window cleaning without the use of tall ladders.

Casement windows are very popular in urban areas where distinction from other homes is as valuable as the home itself. Casement windows offer the same features and option as their double hung cousins, but have a distinctive roll out style that operates similarly to a door.

Stationary windows come a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They are available with most of the same options as the double and casement with the advantage of having the capability to come in odd shapes and sizes. Stationary windows never move so they can be made much larger than operatable windows letting much more light in areas of the home that may benefit from it. Some windows are standard with the majority being sized specially for your home.

Home Improvement Resources specializes in windows that are of odd size and shape. We can duplicate or supply almost any shape and size in stationary window to fit your needs. Various options such as energy efficient coatings, safety glass, grills, tinting, and many others can be available where they would not normally with a double hung or casement.